Personal Training

Our Sports Arena location - 1 on 1 Personal Training!

Personal Training San Diego | Nexus Physical Therapy Sports Arena

Why waste your time going to a big box gym that only offers one-size-fits-all programs that won't work for you? At Nexus Physical Therapy, we provide personal training services tailored to your fitness level and goals. We work hand in hand with our Physical Therapists to ensure the utmost quality during our sessions to ensure the longevity of your health and fitness through continued injury prevention. This is a new beginning to your life long journey of health and fitness, and we are excited to get you started.

We can help you with:

  • Sport-specific training
  • Post-surgery recovery
  • Post-physical therapy maintenance
  • Weight loss and plateau busting
  • Injury prevention by teaching you correct workout technique and form
  • Muscular development
  • And more!

All fitness levels welcome! Call us at (619) 226-4131 to get started today!